Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day & a silly/sweet conversation

It's Two-Fer Tuesday again!!! Ms. Deanna at Eight is Great hosts this every week for us. Hop on over there to see who else is playing along. Trust me, there are some GREAT two-fer photos every week. :)

My favorite thing is to see a daddy holding his baby.... so today I'm showing off my Rob with each of our twins from Halloween night. First with Marshie, then with Frankie.

Now for the silly/sweet conversation ----

Last night as Desse was putting Frances to bed, she was running through the dining room (like the wild child that she is!), hugging everyone and telling them good night.

Frances (to me): Goodnight Cutie Pie!

Me (chuckling): Goodnight, Dumpling. (Giving her hugs and a kiss.)

Frances (reaches over and hugs the baby bump): Goodnight Baby Robbie. (Then she kisses the bump.) Take care of Cutie Pie.

I couldn't help laughing out loud. It was just SO sweet!

Of course, she ran off to Desse and he put her to bed right after that. Thank goodness I have a 16 year old that doesn't mind tucking his little sister in. (Man she'd be UPSET if he didn't! lol)


Deanna said...

Awwww....those are sweet, sweet photos!

Thank you soo much for playing a long.

BoufMom9 said...

Frances is such a sweetie! AWWWWW!

ps Your twins look SO much alike in those top pictures! WOW!

Cheryl Lage said...

So incredibly precious. LOVE them!