Sunday, November 9, 2008

Miscellaneous Weekend Photos

First is Frances all dressed up to go with Ms. Tammy to the American Girl store on Friday. The girls and Tammy had a "girls day" outing. I'm not sure what tune Frances was listening to in her head, but she was just-a-dancing so I had to snap her picture. Frankie was sitting on the floor waiting on Mama to take him away. He went to the doc's office with me, so he could get a little Mama-Time alone.

Can YOU resist this grin???? Well, neither can I -- thus the snap of it. He uses it whenever he thinks he can get me to do something.... mostly I just grin back at him and take his picture. lol I just love frustrating toddlers!

Little Ms. Marshie stealing cheerios from her sister, Frances, this time. lol Frances was eating a bowl of cereal with milk (for the first time) and doing a fairly decent job, though she'd drop a few on the table and Marshie would gleefully steal and eat them.


Laura said...

Oh so cute.
I want to pinch all of their cheeks.

Cheryl Lage said...

OH! That GRIN!!!! Holy cow! (not that all the images aren't to die for, but I'd be reduced to pudding if I was greeted regularly with that smile!)

Love seeing your sweeties.

And thank you for being such a wonderful commenter...seeing your comments always cheers me so!