Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not too much to blog about......

I did have a great day today though. Well, afternoon anyway. My good friend, Elissa, came over to help with the babies and we went shopping at Linens & Things (which is apparently going out of business for good). It was really nice to have someone helping with the babies as I'm having a hard time lifting them these days. I know it'll pass after Robbie is born, but it makes me feel quite useless/helpless at the moment. Usually I have someone here with me, but Rob's in China until Wednesday and Desse had his ROTC competition this weekend.

Elissa was so sweet though. She comes over to play with the babies, changes diapers & wipes noses without complaining...... and even washed my bed linens and remade the bed for me. I'm very lucky to have her. : ) Thanks Sweetie!!!

I did manage to buy Rob's Christmas gift today. I'd post about it, but he reads my blog! lol Frances was adorable while we were at Linens & Things. She got a new PINK polka dot pillow and I watched her feeling it and reaching out to touch other things... just feeling them. Then she held Elissa's teakettle as if her life depended on it. She's becoming such a little shopper! She also now has a set of PINK bedsheets (which I know she's been lusting after at different places - it's all about the pink lately). I think that she would have thrown a fit for them tonight, even though I haven't washed them yet, if we had not worn her out earlier. lol

Frankie and Marshie didn't seem to mind shopping for a change either. Frankie started to complain while we were in the linens area, but he hushed right up and stared in awe when we got to the kitchen things. lol I couldn't help laughing about that. Maybe he'll be my little chef! Marshie didn't make a peep. She stared around looking at things and watching the other people. It was cute.

At the checkout, Frances got a little set of lip glosses (7 to be exact), mostly in hopes that she will leave Mine alone! lol Not that I think that will happen of course...... She made friends with the lady behind us though, talking about her lip glosses. T'was really sorta cute.

Well now I'm just rambling. lol I seem to do that a lot. I'm just glad it was such a good day and I got to spend it with someone I can laugh and talk with. : ) It's SO nice to have another adult female around sometimes.


Deanna said...

awww...what a great friend to come over and help you and go shopping with you!! and to change the bed linens that's just fantastics!!!!

Christine said...

Just wanted to stop by and say how beautiful your family is! Love your header!

Anonymous said...

I do not either read your blog!!

Octamom said...

Glad you all had such a nice day--and bravo to your buddy for coming with you and being an extra set of hands! Looks like you found lots of great (pink) bargains!

Thanks for your good wishes for 4 of 8--she's had a bit of a rough go of it--lots of pain and swelling--but right now is able to keep down food and is playing video games--always a good sign!