Friday, November 7, 2008

Phriday Photo Phiesta

Candid Carrie hosts Phriday Photo Phiesta each week and this is the first time I've participated. It's always looked like so much fun, but I've just not taken the time before. Head over to Carrie's place and see who else is playing along!

I'm cheating a bit. I have two pics this week. lol

First, Marshie following her Grandma around the kitchen a couple of mornings ago. Grandma was TRYING to get her Cheerios and Marshie was stealing them, 2 or 3 at a time, from the bowl. Mama of course was sitting at the table giggling and snapping pictures. It's not great, but it shows what a little sneak my baby girl is! lol (And yes, I finally went to rescue Grandma and refill her cereal bowl.)

Second is Mr. Cool-Guy (aka Frankie) on his tractor. He was having a ton of fun playing with the sunglasses that Desse brought home for Frances. They're WAY too big, but as you can see from his grin, he didn't really care! lol (Please excuse the drool down his front... teething ya know.)

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Kara said...

Adorable pictures-look at that little Cheerio theif-lol!

Laura said...

Great pictures.

Candid Carrie said...

Hey, thanks for finding us!

Great pictures and it really is a tough call, isn't it ...

Should I help grandma or take the picture?

Should I change his clothes AGAIN or should I just take the picture?

I vote that you snap first and always explain later!

Thanks for participating ;)

Deanna said...

LOl...those are some cute photos!
I was sooo busy at work I didn't get to play along.......

Teri said...

Great shots! Poor Grandma, but I'm sure she got a kick out of it, too. And the drooler - what a cutie!

Found you on Candid Carrie.