Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day

Yep, it's that time of week again! Eight is Great hosts Two For Twosday every week. Go on over and see who else is playing along! :)

This week we have Ms. Frances sitting on the edge of the bouncy while I was trying to take a picture of 2 month old Frankie. Those two seemed to have a really special relationship from the day the twins were born. I guess that's because Frankie is the more easy going of the twins. lol

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Tuesday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Picture Taking

So Friday evening I had to re-dress all three little ones, so I thought it was a great opportunity to take a picture of all three of them together for Daddy. Hahahahahahahaha! WHAT was I thinking???

They NEVER sit still!!!

Butt - of course - I couldn't resist this one! lol They were watching Isaac play with the dog, Sweetheart, outside. That's WAY more interesting than Mommy and her camera.

Frances and Marguerite standing on the couch. They look SO solemn, don't they?

Here's Mr. Frankie after he became the bottom tier on the "dog pile". Frances piled right on top of him and he got the giggles!

I didn't get the most wonderful pictures of the threesome out of it, but we all had fun trying! There was lots and lots of jumping on the couch (Frankie's favorite pasttime), dog watching, and giggling. As well as lots of picture taking by Mommy. Daddy will have a new background for his computer while he's in China anyway. lol

+++++ And as a quick update, my c-section has been scheduled for 12/3 at 7:30 am. So looks like Little Robbie will be joining us soon. :)

Rob says I'm in "nesting mode" because I keep cooking these last couple of days. (Wait until he finds out that I baked a spice cake for dessert tonight.... lol) Honestly, I've felt so bad the last couple of months that I've only grudgingly cooked, so now that I feel better I WANT to cook. Sometimes I think he forgets I actually LIKE to do it. lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Picture Sunday - Spaghetti Everywhere!!

Sweet Mama Deb over at Who Says 8 is Enough? hosts Baby Picture Sunday every week. This week's theme is Spaghetti Heads. Run on over and see who else is joining in the fun!

I know I have pictures of Frances eating spaghetti for the first time somewhere, but I just couldn't find them. Probably taken on film and not scanned. Argh!!!

Here's Frankie's first go at spaghetti:

Including tipping his dish to see if there was anything beneath it...

And finally just being rather happy with himself (AND his mess! lol)

Marguerite didn't then (and still doesn't) like spaghetti. She does not like being messy. lol She's such a pristine little eater!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Way Back When-esday

Every week Ms. Cheryl at Twinfatuation hosts Way Back When-esday. Go on over and see who else is playing along. (There are some GREAT photos!)

Frankie and Marshie were all of 5 days old in this shot. We'd been home one whole day. Everyone in the family wanted to know "HOW do you feed twins?" Yeah, I rolls my eyes still. Like every Mama, you just DO it. lol (This was one of the "supplemental" feedings. Much to my disappointment Marshie never did take to breast feeding though - at all!)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day

It's that time of week again! Eight is Great hosts Two-For Twos-Day. Don't forget to head over and see who else is playing along!

Today Tammy and I were still sorting through clothes (Frances is OUT of 2T and Marshie is out of 12 month), but Frances found a great use for the growing mound of clothes in the middle of the floor.

Yep, she decided to pull Marguerite round and round and round and round and round in circles! Frankie joined in too, but I didn't get any good pictures with him in the wagon.

I'll try to post the video of Frances attempting to pull both of them later.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sibling Rivalry a la Twins

So I put Frank and Marguerite into a chair to take their picture earlier this morning. ((I don't get many of them together, as they SO don't sit still (though it's getting easier). It's also almost impossible to get them to sit next to each other for even one second! *sigh*))

Here is the first picture: (which I really like by the way lol)

Then Marshie decided she wanted Frankie OUT OF HER CHAIR!!!!

Needless to say, I was giggling pretty hard while I was taking these photos. I would never let them hurt one another, but watching things like this (where they are both laughing - well ok, Marshie was determined and Frankie was laughing AT her...) really is quite hilarious. As you can see by the last picture, she managed to oust him too! lol

Twins are SO much fun. We really are blessed. :)

Park Day

Yesterday we went to Desse's NJROTC picnic at the park around the corner. This is his third year in ROTC, and our third year to attend the picnic. It's a great get together for all the families. I didn't get pictures of him or his girlfriend, Alex, mostly because they hide from the camera. I did, however, find that I could get pictures of Frances, Frankie and Marshie playing on the playground.

They couldn't get away from the camera while trapped in the swings!! Boy they loved swinging -- the twins think it's fun to swing back to back, though they kept trying to see what the other was watching.

I only had about 25 people (literally) ask me, "Are they twins?" I read twin books while I was preggo that said I'd end up hating that question and I thought that was ridiculous, but you know.... grrrrr! lol I still don't know why that one question grates on my nerves so!

Frances likes to swing, but the following pictures show she found something she liked even better. I couldn't KEEP her at the swing set!

She kept telling us she wanted to play on the "pig". LOL I kept telling her it was a hippo, which she would repeat after me, but then ask to go play on the "pig" again. Silly girl!!

Lunch was nice. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, soda and water. The babies got their first taste of chocolate chip cookies. Frankie smeared his EVERYwhere, while Marshie sucked on hers a bit, then dropped it in the cup holder on the stroller (as Alex found as we were cleaning everyone up).

I finally got to meet Angel and Natalie as well. Angel is a senior, trying to complete high school with her 8 month old daughter in tow. I've so been there! We've given her baby clothes for Natalie, and as Marshie is growing out of the next size, I give those to her too. I'm very proud of her for continuing to go to school. She's such a sweet girl and so is her little one.

The ROTC teams performed amid many cheers and with few mistakes. The babies and I came home after a couple of hours, but Desse stayed until the party was over. All three of the little ones were so worn out they slept for 2 1/2 hours!! lol All in all I'd say everyone had fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Sibling Rivalry

So Frankie's favorite new relaxation spot is in the swing. He's always loved to swing, but as he's getting too big for it I haven't been putting him in it. Tammy (our new nanny) has been letting him swing though, and boy is he in heaven!!!!


Now Frances, however, is VERY jealous. She remembers when that swing belonged to HER. lol On Saturday morning I came back into the family room to find Frankie on the floor crying "AU-DEE!!" at her, and her.... well... guess where. Yep, IN the swing!!!

As you can see, the little rat is too big for said swing. lol She has figured out though that she can lift the tray and "gently" pull on Frankie's feet and he will slide right on out to the floor on his behind. He sits there screaming "Au-Dee" at her while she swings and giggles.... and sings. That's where she goes to practice singing the Veggie Tales theme song. lol

You know, you've just got to love two year olds!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick Kiddies ++

Well it looks like it's going around. Everyone seems to be sick lately, and the babies managed to get the "beginning of the school year" virus (according to the doc) that Isaac brought over last weekend. All of them are still stuffy and coughing, but at least the fever is gone. Of course, guess who has it now... yep, me! That's why I've been up since 2am. lol (At least - as Rob's mom says - Baby Robbie can't catch it yet. lol Still another 8 ish weeks in the cooker....)

I've been following the news on Ike. I may not live there anymore, but Houston is still my hometown. And yeah, I'm praying for lots of family and friends down there. Love you guys!!!!

So -- the little guys were starting to feel better on Thursday night, and Daddy pulled out his bass and amp to practice on - just a bit before bedtime. Here are a few shots:

Rob playing bass

Frances has learned to hold Marshie's hand and lead her around - here they are trying to make dance moves together. lol

Yay!! Marshie says this is fun! (She's learned to clap her hands - now if we could teach Frankie....)

Daddy's soundman -- Frankies LOVES to play with the nobs and red light on the amp.

Laughing to the bass-beat! (Both hands on the amp, "feeling" the notes)

And the real PLUS news: Frances has learned to go to the potty!!! Shes's still in Pull-Ups at night, but she's wearing panties during the day. We still have accidents, but this is a HUGE step. A couple of times today we gave her a little piece of chocolate as incentive (AFTER she successfully went and didn't have an accident), but I realized this afternoon that sliced American cheese works just as well. She calls it her, "squishy cheese." (Creative mind - that child has) rotfl It's hard for me to believe she's already 27 months old. I know... it's a Mommy Thing. Rob reminds me of that from time to time.

Frances has been patting and rubbing my tummy telling me, "You have a baby. Baby Robbie." It's really cute. It's going to be hysterical the first time he kicks her -- I can already imagine the look on her face!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how to break said 2 year old from taking all her siblings toys and calling them "MINE!!!", I'll gladly listen. I want her to learn to share, but I hate to keep taking things away from her and telling her "That's Frankie's" or "That's Marshie's".

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More silly conversations

Frances was very unhappy earlier that her Daddy called me twice within about three minutes: first to let me know that he was out of his meeting, then to ask me a business question. The problem was.... she wanted me to finish the song I was singing to her. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was the song (with hand motions) - if anyone is wondering.

Of course, she very politely stood by while I talked on the phone, though her hand was on her hip the second time. When I hung up she told me, "Enough, Mommy. Enough!"

I started giggling, and she rolled her eyes at me. Then she requested that I sing her song, "Again, Mommy. Now!"

*snicker* Bossy little girl, isn't she????

I probably shouldn't laugh, but sometimes these conversations just crack me up. I know she's being bossy and I shouldn't let her, but I figure that sort of bossy isn't going to hurt anyone (including me) in the long run. She has finally figured out no matter how bossy she is (or how many times she slyly tries it), I'm still NOT going to let her climb up and sit on the table. lol I can't believe at 2 just how many limits she pushes. I don't remember the boys starting this early. Just a girl thing maybe?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day

It's that time again!!!

Deanna over at Eight is Great is wonderful to let us all play on her Two for TWOS-Day's. Thanks so much!

With my 3rd anniversary coming up in a little over a month, I decided I would post a pic of my sweet Rob and I at the wedding. His friend brought his little triplets and we got down on our knees to show them our rings. They were SO excited by the rings part of the ceremony.

We've always joked that they were our inspiration for having four kids in just over three years. (Frances, the twins 14 months later, Robbie should be 16 months after them. lol)

Anyways... here's the photo.

Don't forget to go over to Deanna's Place and see who else is playing today.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Toy Time

What happens when a 2 year old and a 1 year old want the same toy?

My sister actually bought this thing for Frances before she was born. She's loved it since she was old enough to play with it. (And I think we set it up when she was only a couple of months old at that.... talk about wanting her to play early on! LOL) Frankie and Marshie also love it. Just recently they ALL have decided it belongs to each one of them. lol Thus the fighting has ensued! Marshie just gave up today and left the cat fight to Frank and Frances. I was trying so hard not to laugh while using the camera to video them.

I did manage to get a couple of good pictures of the twins together too. It's so difficult to photograph them together, especially since Marguerite walks now. They travel in different directions these days and they NEVER sit still! Here they are: