Saturday, November 1, 2008

A couple of quick pics...

Just a couple of quick pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

First: Frankie and Marshie
They didn't have "costumes", just ears. Orange and black cat ears for Frank. Pink and black bunny ears for Marguerite. As you can see, they didn't care to keep them on! lol The black eyeliner faces stayed on a bit better though. They were too cute!

Second: Isaac and Frances
Don't ask me what/who Isaac was. He was just a black cape. lol Frances was "supposed to be" Tinkerbell, but she kept telling us she was a "princess", so I guess she was actually a Fairy Princess. lol Cute either way if you ask me, though I tend to be a bit biased.

They went out to the rec center across the street with Ms. Tammy, Alex and Desse to "trick or treat". Of course, everything was set up at tables --- but hey, it was all safe that way and the kids got a little bit of candy and some little toys. : )

Trust me, there are a TON of pictures over here. I just picked out two that showed the kids' costumes the best. I'll probably post more when I get a chance to really look at all of them. Hope everyone had a fun/safe Halloween!


BoufMom9 said...

What an adorable Fairy Princess!
Very pretty!

great idea to just do ears and faces for the babies!

The Myers Family said...

Those are great pics...i was just scanning through your blog. Your babies are all so precious! Hey, we just stopped in your town to visit chuck e cheeses on Tue! LOL! How funny! We were driving through to Norman and then through to KS for a funeral. How funny. The people that own that chuck e cheeses on the freeway aren't very friendly. I was very surprised.

Thanks for all your sweet comments..congrats on your upcoming baby. How exciting. Love all your pics...halloween, etc. I'm going to have to add you to my list of blogs to follow..although i've been horrible with following any blogs lately since i've been soo busy around here.

Will read more soon!

Octamom said...

Cute, cute stuff! Love the ears idea!