Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day

Yep, it's that time again! lol Hop on over to Deanna's Place to see who else is playing along today.

Frank and Marguerite turned 14 months old on Sunday, so they are my two-fer duo today. This picture was taken when they were just 1 month old. Marshie is the one waving. The "What the Hell???" look on Frank's face is because, in the previous photo, Marshie had smacked him upside the head. This is one of my favorite early shots of them together. I just can't help giggling when I see it.

And I failed this month with the 30 posts in 30 days. I didn't get to post last night as I was having some serious contractions. :( They're better, but still with me. I can't have the baby until after Rob gets back from China tomorrow though, so..... lol (Not like it would happen anyway. I've never dropped a baby early, including those two up there. *snicker* If we want to talk about having babies late though....) I'm still going to try to post everyday anyway as I like it.

Just because -- Frances got a Happy Meal yesterday (which I don't usually buy, but I thought 'eh what the hell') and in it was the Hippo from Madagascar II. She's been going around showing everyone her talking "Peeppo". She CAN say hippo by the way. She just chooses to make up names for things. lol She's a VERY creative for a 2 year old.

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Miscellaneous Weekend Photos

First is Frances all dressed up to go with Ms. Tammy to the American Girl store on Friday. The girls and Tammy had a "girls day" outing. I'm not sure what tune Frances was listening to in her head, but she was just-a-dancing so I had to snap her picture. Frankie was sitting on the floor waiting on Mama to take him away. He went to the doc's office with me, so he could get a little Mama-Time alone.

Can YOU resist this grin???? Well, neither can I -- thus the snap of it. He uses it whenever he thinks he can get me to do something.... mostly I just grin back at him and take his picture. lol I just love frustrating toddlers!

Little Ms. Marshie stealing cheerios from her sister, Frances, this time. lol Frances was eating a bowl of cereal with milk (for the first time) and doing a fairly decent job, though she'd drop a few on the table and Marshie would gleefully steal and eat them.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not too much to blog about......

I did have a great day today though. Well, afternoon anyway. My good friend, Elissa, came over to help with the babies and we went shopping at Linens & Things (which is apparently going out of business for good). It was really nice to have someone helping with the babies as I'm having a hard time lifting them these days. I know it'll pass after Robbie is born, but it makes me feel quite useless/helpless at the moment. Usually I have someone here with me, but Rob's in China until Wednesday and Desse had his ROTC competition this weekend.

Elissa was so sweet though. She comes over to play with the babies, changes diapers & wipes noses without complaining...... and even washed my bed linens and remade the bed for me. I'm very lucky to have her. : ) Thanks Sweetie!!!

I did manage to buy Rob's Christmas gift today. I'd post about it, but he reads my blog! lol Frances was adorable while we were at Linens & Things. She got a new PINK polka dot pillow and I watched her feeling it and reaching out to touch other things... just feeling them. Then she held Elissa's teakettle as if her life depended on it. She's becoming such a little shopper! She also now has a set of PINK bedsheets (which I know she's been lusting after at different places - it's all about the pink lately). I think that she would have thrown a fit for them tonight, even though I haven't washed them yet, if we had not worn her out earlier. lol

Frankie and Marshie didn't seem to mind shopping for a change either. Frankie started to complain while we were in the linens area, but he hushed right up and stared in awe when we got to the kitchen things. lol I couldn't help laughing about that. Maybe he'll be my little chef! Marshie didn't make a peep. She stared around looking at things and watching the other people. It was cute.

At the checkout, Frances got a little set of lip glosses (7 to be exact), mostly in hopes that she will leave Mine alone! lol Not that I think that will happen of course...... She made friends with the lady behind us though, talking about her lip glosses. T'was really sorta cute.

Well now I'm just rambling. lol I seem to do that a lot. I'm just glad it was such a good day and I got to spend it with someone I can laugh and talk with. : ) It's SO nice to have another adult female around sometimes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Phriday Photo Phiesta

Candid Carrie hosts Phriday Photo Phiesta each week and this is the first time I've participated. It's always looked like so much fun, but I've just not taken the time before. Head over to Carrie's place and see who else is playing along!

I'm cheating a bit. I have two pics this week. lol

First, Marshie following her Grandma around the kitchen a couple of mornings ago. Grandma was TRYING to get her Cheerios and Marshie was stealing them, 2 or 3 at a time, from the bowl. Mama of course was sitting at the table giggling and snapping pictures. It's not great, but it shows what a little sneak my baby girl is! lol (And yes, I finally went to rescue Grandma and refill her cereal bowl.)

Second is Mr. Cool-Guy (aka Frankie) on his tractor. He was having a ton of fun playing with the sunglasses that Desse brought home for Frances. They're WAY too big, but as you can see from his grin, he didn't really care! lol (Please excuse the drool down his front... teething ya know.)

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Two kiddo stories:

First: Frances went running up to Tammy yesterday morning yelling, "Ms. Tammy! Ms. Tammy! I want to go to Walmart!"

Tammy was laughing and asked what she wanted at Walmart. Frances said she wanted to "see things". lol Her shopping skills have begun!!! Well, she ended up getting a pair of Tinkerbell boots that are aqua and purple, and as you can see from the photos below, she hasn't taken them off since! *giggles* (Even when they don't match her clothing.)

The second thing is:

Frankie, who will be 15 months old in three days, finally started walking!!!!!! YAY!! He's walked all over our dining room this afternoon and evening.

He's been taking a step or two for the last two months, but then won't try again for weeks. He's mostly walking sideways, but hey that's ok. I'll take what I can get. lol I know that soon he'll be walking up a storm.

Here he is clapping at his accomplishment. Whenever I say, "Good Job!!!" he starts clapping and giggling. Isn't he adorable?

Also went to the OB today. Nothing really new. Did a Non-Stress Test. Baby Robbie is VERY active. lol No big surprise to me. His heart rate stays between 160 and 170 because he's moving so much. I'm having tiny contractions that the machine picked up, but not enough to dilate my cervix. lol I didn't need THAT check today, I assure you!! No other news on that front though.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Way Back When-esday

I decided to join Ms. Cheryl over at Twinfatuation for Way Back Whens-esday this week.

When I was looking for pretty blue eyes on for Sunday's post, I found this picture of Marguerite. To me, it's just sooooo sweet and innocent. She was just over 4 months old when it was taken at Christmas last year.

You have to understand -- Marshie has been the hardest baby I've had to deal with. She could not seem to stomach breast milk OR any other formula given to her for the first 6-7 months. We finally found ONE that worked so/so.... and it was a soy formula that constipated her. So yes, her first year was a battle. But honestly, at 10 months they had us switch her to cows milk and solid foods and she's been GREAT ever since. You would not believe that she had been such a hard baby to deal with now that she doesn't seem to have the stomach problems.

It broke my heart at times because there were people that honestly didn't like her/refused to be around her. She cried. ALL the time. But this picture shows just why she was so lovable, even during all that.

My sweet little Marguerite: (I love you baby girl!)

Now don't forget to pop over to Cheryl's Place and see who else is playing along.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two-Fer Twos-Day & a silly/sweet conversation

It's Two-Fer Tuesday again!!! Ms. Deanna at Eight is Great hosts this every week for us. Hop on over there to see who else is playing along. Trust me, there are some GREAT two-fer photos every week. :)

My favorite thing is to see a daddy holding his baby.... so today I'm showing off my Rob with each of our twins from Halloween night. First with Marshie, then with Frankie.

Now for the silly/sweet conversation ----

Last night as Desse was putting Frances to bed, she was running through the dining room (like the wild child that she is!), hugging everyone and telling them good night.

Frances (to me): Goodnight Cutie Pie!

Me (chuckling): Goodnight, Dumpling. (Giving her hugs and a kiss.)

Frances (reaches over and hugs the baby bump): Goodnight Baby Robbie. (Then she kisses the bump.) Take care of Cutie Pie.

I couldn't help laughing out loud. It was just SO sweet!

Of course, she ran off to Desse and he put her to bed right after that. Thank goodness I have a 16 year old that doesn't mind tucking his little sister in. (Man she'd be UPSET if he didn't! lol)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Update

Oops, I forgot to post on Friday that I saw the OB. lol Now we're going every week now. *wrinkles nose*

Yes, I had another sono. Gestational diabetes sucks - for anyone that doesn't know that already. Not only do you have the regular pregnancy worries, the diabetes worries for you and the baby, but also you have to work every visit around the sono-tech. lol Luckily I'll only have one more of those (if I make it the full 4 1/2 weeks).

The sono gave Baby Robbie a score of 8/8 - fetal movement, respiration, and.... well I can't remember the last one. Growth I think. They say he's weighing 6.09 pounds already. Nothing unusual with size. I've been told all of them are huge. They measure by head size and forget that my husband (and other children) have ENORMOUS heads. lol (As an example, the week before I had the twins I was told they were weighing over 9 pounds each! EEK!! Of course, they were 7lbs 2ozs and 8lbs 2ozs. Still big I suppose, but not THAT huge. lol)

As for movement, oh YES this child moves... and moves... and moves... and moves! This is by far the most active baby I've carried. And I finally look like I'm preggo -- but ONLY if I stand up and turn to the side. lol I have officially gained -12 pounds (lost 20 at the start, gained 8 as of Friday).

Next appointment on Thursday. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

30 posts in 30 days....

Well, this SHOULD be easier than trying to write a novel in 30 days. lol I didn't succeed at that last year, but I think this might work. I'm going to work hard to keep up.

Debi and Cheryl are taking up the challenge as well. :) I can only hope to keep up with these two lovely ladies.

Baby Picture Sunday - Big Blue Eyes!

It's time for Big Eyes thanks to Debi over at Who Says 8 Is Enough? Hop on over there to see who else is playing along.

This one of Frances is from November of last year. She was at my office and I clicked it on the cellphone.

This one of Marshie when she was just a couple of months old. I swear she REALLY looks like a turtle there! lol

Mr. Camo/Rap Man! Frankie was only a month old in this photo.

Remember to head on over to Debi's site to play along.... and see some more adorable "Big Eyes"!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A couple of quick pics...

Just a couple of quick pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

First: Frankie and Marshie
They didn't have "costumes", just ears. Orange and black cat ears for Frank. Pink and black bunny ears for Marguerite. As you can see, they didn't care to keep them on! lol The black eyeliner faces stayed on a bit better though. They were too cute!

Second: Isaac and Frances
Don't ask me what/who Isaac was. He was just a black cape. lol Frances was "supposed to be" Tinkerbell, but she kept telling us she was a "princess", so I guess she was actually a Fairy Princess. lol Cute either way if you ask me, though I tend to be a bit biased.

They went out to the rec center across the street with Ms. Tammy, Alex and Desse to "trick or treat". Of course, everything was set up at tables --- but hey, it was all safe that way and the kids got a little bit of candy and some little toys. : )

Trust me, there are a TON of pictures over here. I just picked out two that showed the kids' costumes the best. I'll probably post more when I get a chance to really look at all of them. Hope everyone had a fun/safe Halloween!