Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tower Builder

Frances got a set of Mega blocks for her birthday last year. For the last month or so, she's really started stacking the blocks, but not much more. Yesterday, Desse and I sat down with her to show her how to build structures.

She of course, added her own "stacked" features.

The pics are not the greatest quality, being taken from Desse's cellphone, but she's still cute!

A Little Poop-Head

So on Thursday morning, last day of school for the teenagers, I got Frankie and Marshie up and changed their diapers, pulled off their pj's (which were damp from wet dipes) and left them on the familyroom floor while I went to the bathroom myself. When I came back out, about 2 minutes later, Alex (Desse's girlfriend) was holding Frankie out in front of her and "ewwwwing" at me.

Then she told me her story....

She came into the house, and while Desse put her bag for the pool party that was to happen after school back in his room, she went to the familyroom to see the babies. The first thing she noticed was that Frankie was naked and she wondered why he was naked but Marguerite had a diaper on. As she got closer to him, she could see his diaper sitting next to him (which was both clean and dry by the way). Also next to him was part of a big turd. The rest of said turd was being smeared into our hardwood floor!

Frankie was giggling his head off! So was Marshie! I don't know what the two of them found so funny about the situation, but I suppose that's what twins are for -- entertainment.

Needless to say, I ended up giving the poophead a bath while the teenagers went to school. Rob did come rescue Marguerite so she didn't get into the poop before I could get the room cleaned up, for which I was very thankful.

*skip forward a couple of days*

Today, I put the babies down for a nap, and what did Mr. Poophead do? He again pulled off his diaper!! This time he only wet his bed, but....ewwwww! Let me tell you, that child will have something covering his diaper from now on! Even if a pair of shorts is the only other thing he's wearing - rain or shine, sleet or snow. lol

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Graduation Day!

I'm so proud of my step-daughter, Gwen. Yesterday she graduated from the Hockaday School. The young ladies were SO gorgeous in their white dresses and hats. I had not realized that, at 122 students, they were the largest graduating class from Hockaday.

It was an outdoor ceremony, and quite warm at that. The terrace was beautiful though, and we were under shade trees - so the breeze was wonderful as the sun went down.

I'm not going to post all the pictures, as we were sort of far away and Gwen ended up being tiny, but here's the one that counts. Yes, it's a little fuzzy, but she got her diploma!!!!


(And just as one of those little side-notes, I admit it... I cried tears of joy when she received that little piece of paper. If/when she gets married, I think the flood control guys might have to be called! lol Guess that's what she gets for having an emotional step-mommy.)


Of course, when you take a "thundering hoard" (Rob's name for us when we have ALL the kids with us), other cute stories are likely to arise. Frankie and Marguerite were big hits with everyone around us -- and invariably three people asked, "Are they twins?" I've learned to close my eyes, grin and bear it, but dang I hate that question! But all in all, those two were precious angels. They were hot outside, but they really didn't do a lot of crying.

Frances (pushy little thing that she is) realized I had a bandaid on my finger. (I broke my fingernail far enough down that it was bleeding profusely when I tried to put Frank's shoes on and he kicked just the tip of the nail. OWWW!) Of course, comical conversation with my not-quite-two-year-old ensues in the midst of graduation:

Frances asked me, "Sticker?"

"No, it's a band-aid." (I was still looking for Gwen to make her way through the procession.)

"Take it off." Yes, she did demand this with one hand on her hip (the other held the sippy cup), stomping that little left foot of hers.

I was a little startled at first, but said, "No, it's a bandaid for my hurt. I'm not taking it off." (I gave her the logical explanation, silly me, and looked back towards the chairs where the girls were making their way onto the terrace.)

"Mommy! Take it OFF! I want wear it!!" She yelled this definantly. There were quite a few snickers from the row behind us.


"Mommy, NOW!" More snickers, and a few people in the couple of rows around us turned to look at her commotion.... so what do I do?

I took her picture! And then, "Go bother Bubba Desse," I told her, and she quickly went over to see if HE had any "stickers" she could take off of him.

Hey, the distraction worked (sorta) though you can see in the picture that she's holding her hand out towards the camera (aka the finger with the band-aid). lol