Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Picture Sunday - Big Blue Eyes!

It's time for Big Eyes thanks to Debi over at Who Says 8 Is Enough? Hop on over there to see who else is playing along.

This one of Frances is from November of last year. She was at my office and I clicked it on the cellphone.

This one of Marshie when she was just a couple of months old. I swear she REALLY looks like a turtle there! lol

Mr. Camo/Rap Man! Frankie was only a month old in this photo.

Remember to head on over to Debi's site to play along.... and see some more adorable "Big Eyes"!


Ana. said...

Super cute!

BoufMom9 said...

They all have beautiful BIG eyes!

LOL about the turtle comment. Don't they all either look like bald chickens orturtles when they are first born??? haha

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cheryl Lage said...

That was taken with your CELL PHONE???

Gadzooks...what a looker! And then all the adorables that follow? Would saying "Gadzooks" twice in one comment age me irrevocably?

Gorgeous, gorgeous crew. :)

Octamom said...

Wow! That first shot was done on your cell phone? You're amazing, Girl!! Great pics of your little ones! They are all so beautiful!


Gail said...

lol Yes, the picture of Frances really was on taken on my cellphone. I love taking photos, but unfortunately I don't have a very good camera right now. :( Sadly the good one is in need of repairs. Maybe soon, eh?

I am glad y'all are enjoying these sweet blue eyes as much as I do.