Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two Year Old Chatter

So Little Miss has had a few cute conversations the last day or so. (By the way, these are in absolutely no order what-so-ever. Just what I remember as I'm typing. lol)


Frances (with a little tin pie pan in hand): Have some Mama.

Mama: Mmmmmm. What are we eating?

Frances: Cheerios.

Mama (trying not to giggle): Cheerios?

Frances: Cheerios. And strawberries. YUUUUUUMMY......!

(Of course, everytime she approaches you with the little pie plates, you have to ask her what you're imagining you're eating -- it changes by the moment: tarts, cookies, pies, cereal, cake, different varieties of fruit, pizza, you name it!)


Mama (as I was talking to Daddy on the cellphone): Frances, you want to talk to Daddy?

Frances: Yes!

(I can't hear Rob's side of the conversation - he's in China, so this is the only way we'll be talking to him until the 21st - but Frances's side went something like this.)

Frances: Hi Daddy! (pause while he said something then,) Oh yes. (another pause) I love you.

Then she pulled away to "talk to Daddy" on her own cellphone rather than talk to him for real! lol


Mama (to Daddy, who had hung up before I finished talking to him): Turd. Brat.

Frances: Daddy is a turd-brat.

Don't ask me where I get the silly names I call people (especially when I'm not mad... those, like this one, are the silliest), but I suppose that "turd-brat" is better than SOME of the things that she could repeat. lol And, luckily for me, she usually forgets the one-off comments like that. I'd be in SO much trouble otherwise.


Desse (to Frances): Do you want to go with me? (heading to the grocery store)

Frances: Yes!

Desse: Go ask Mama.

Frances (running into the familyroom): I'm going with Desse!

Desse: I said "ASK" not "tell".

Frances (to me): I'll be right back, Mama. (She then proceeded to grab Desse's hand and pull him out the door. lol)


Desse (to Frances): Come in here and you can have a bite of my icecream.

Frances: YAY! (Then she ran into the kitchen, grabbed her little bowl and headed over to Desse.)

Presumptuous isn't she?


Grandma: You're a great big helper.

Frances: No. I'm Frances Audrey.



Frances (talking about a little stuffed cat): This is Audrey's kitty.

Mama: It is? What color is it?

Frances: Pink. (Then holding up another stuffed cat:) But this one is Marshie's.

Mama (thinking they all belong to Frances): Why is that?

Frances: Because it's brown. I like pretty.

Ooookkkkk... I guess brown kitties aren't as pretty as pink kitties. lol Wait until she grows up and finds out there aren't any pink kitties in this world!


She was sitting on my bed earlier playing with a tiny babydoll and a bag full of Glamour Girl doll clothes. She kept putting the baby (Marshie -- she calls all babies Marshie) on the pillow and telling her, "Go to sleep." Then she'd cover "Marshie" with a "blanket" (which was actually a terrycloth robe for the bigger doll), and turn her on her side. Then she'd snore for "Marshie" for a second. After a minute or two she'd start shaking "Marshie's" head telling her, "Wake up! Wake up now! Wake up!" ((That's how she gets Desse up in the mornings. LOL))

Honestly, the list goes on. She's so smart and getting so big. I love watching her learn and play. She's gotten so creative too. Her imagination has really kicked in during this last week or so.

Here's a picture of her from this afternoon. She was trying to be helpful. Desse was breaking down boxes after helping Grandma unpack, and she was telling me how "heavy" the empty box was. Probably was too -- it was as big as her! lol


Cheryl Lage said...

Look at her determination! LOVE it! (Don't you love all the "help?") She's precious.

Deanna said...

LOL...she was sure moving that box on her own such a cute shot!!!

Those conversations were tooo cute!!!