Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying new flavors

And for Friday, we have two little ones trying Dill flavored chips. (Well ok, Frances tried them too, but she loved them. No cool picutres of her. *giggles*)

Frankie didn't seem to mind too much. They were a little weird, but...

Marshie was the one startled by the first bite. lol

It didn't deter her though. She kept right on eating.

All three kiddos liked the dill chips. Mommy won't be buying THAT many of them for snack time, but I suppose once in a while it's good to have a change. Yes?


Octamom said...

We always get so tickled when the babies try new tastes! You just never know what will be a big hit--and what will be a big flop!

So cute!

Deanna said...

Oh these are a HUGE hit in my house.... 4 of the 6 kids like them. We keep them in stock!!

Glad the babies had fun trying out the new flavors :)