Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday - My Frances Scare

So my mother-in-law (the original Frances) who is 84 moved in with us officially on Tuesday. Yesterday we had our first 'official' scare and it only partially involved her.

Since Mom's things are still in transit, we called a medical equipment rental company to rent her a bed while we're waiting on her furniture to come down from Virginia. Well, it didn't arrive until Wednesday. So on Tuesday night, Mom slept in my 2 year old, Frances', bed. The little one didn't sleep well that night, finally passing out around 2:30 am on the couch, but that was only because she isn't used to any bed but her own.

Unbeknownst to Mom (and to us!) one of Mom's pill strips fell out of her bag in Frances' bed. When Tammy (our nanny) put Frances down for a nap yesterday, she didn't see that strip. About 45 minutes into her nap, Frances fell out of bed -- hitting her head rather hard I might add -- and when Tammy went to get her, she found Frances rather unresponsive clutching that pill strip.

Yes, I admit it, I freaked just a bit. We've tried to be SO careful with pills around our babies. We rushed her to the hospital (which is less than 2 miles from our house) and they took her in the ER immediately.

I'll spare the long drawn out ER visit details (everyone's had them), but I will say that the people at Lewisville hospital were VERY kind to us. They not only took care of Frances, they worried about me being preggo so they made sure I had food and made me sit as much as possible, while reassuring me that the sleeping pills that Frances got a hold of were not going to kill her.

My poor Rob was in Houston on business and ended up cutting things short to take an earlier flight home. I didn't want him to, but I knew it was out of concern. I don't know though who he was more worried about - Frances or me. (I tend to "overtax" myself when I'm worried. I just can't seem to stop myself. And he knows it better than anyone. Ssshhhh... that's not something I actually like to admit, but I do notice it every now and then. lol)

We were transfered to another hospital within an hour or so, only because this hospital doesn't have the facilities to monitor pediatrics closely enough. We stayed overnight at Med City last night for observation, but Frances had good vitals all night long. She slept off the effects of the pill she took in the afternoon. Praise God, it looks as if she only took one.

Frances did stay up until 1:30 am this morning though. lol So.... two sleepless nights in a row for a rather tired Mama, but at least my little darling is ok.

So what I'm most thankful for today: That for everything that "could have" happened, nothing did. We spent a night in the hospital, Frances was poked, prodded, monitored, and generally hassled, and I slept (hahahahahaha) on the MOST uncomfortable bed in the world, but.... truly God is good.

And here's the lastest picture I have of Frances. It was actually from Tuesday shortly after "Grandma" arrived:

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Deanna said...

OH MY GOODNESS Gail...what a scary story!! But you are right something to be sooo thankful about that she is ok!!!

Ugh I would have been a wreck!!!

Glad to hear she is ok...((hugs)) and get some rest, ok!!