Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick Kiddies ++

Well it looks like it's going around. Everyone seems to be sick lately, and the babies managed to get the "beginning of the school year" virus (according to the doc) that Isaac brought over last weekend. All of them are still stuffy and coughing, but at least the fever is gone. Of course, guess who has it now... yep, me! That's why I've been up since 2am. lol (At least - as Rob's mom says - Baby Robbie can't catch it yet. lol Still another 8 ish weeks in the cooker....)

I've been following the news on Ike. I may not live there anymore, but Houston is still my hometown. And yeah, I'm praying for lots of family and friends down there. Love you guys!!!!

So -- the little guys were starting to feel better on Thursday night, and Daddy pulled out his bass and amp to practice on - just a bit before bedtime. Here are a few shots:

Rob playing bass

Frances has learned to hold Marshie's hand and lead her around - here they are trying to make dance moves together. lol

Yay!! Marshie says this is fun! (She's learned to clap her hands - now if we could teach Frankie....)

Daddy's soundman -- Frankies LOVES to play with the nobs and red light on the amp.

Laughing to the bass-beat! (Both hands on the amp, "feeling" the notes)

And the real PLUS news: Frances has learned to go to the potty!!! Shes's still in Pull-Ups at night, but she's wearing panties during the day. We still have accidents, but this is a HUGE step. A couple of times today we gave her a little piece of chocolate as incentive (AFTER she successfully went and didn't have an accident), but I realized this afternoon that sliced American cheese works just as well. She calls it her, "squishy cheese." (Creative mind - that child has) rotfl It's hard for me to believe she's already 27 months old. I know... it's a Mommy Thing. Rob reminds me of that from time to time.

Frances has been patting and rubbing my tummy telling me, "You have a baby. Baby Robbie." It's really cute. It's going to be hysterical the first time he kicks her -- I can already imagine the look on her face!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how to break said 2 year old from taking all her siblings toys and calling them "MINE!!!", I'll gladly listen. I want her to learn to share, but I hate to keep taking things away from her and telling her "That's Frankie's" or "That's Marshie's".

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