Monday, September 15, 2008

More Sibling Rivalry

So Frankie's favorite new relaxation spot is in the swing. He's always loved to swing, but as he's getting too big for it I haven't been putting him in it. Tammy (our new nanny) has been letting him swing though, and boy is he in heaven!!!!


Now Frances, however, is VERY jealous. She remembers when that swing belonged to HER. lol On Saturday morning I came back into the family room to find Frankie on the floor crying "AU-DEE!!" at her, and her.... well... guess where. Yep, IN the swing!!!

As you can see, the little rat is too big for said swing. lol She has figured out though that she can lift the tray and "gently" pull on Frankie's feet and he will slide right on out to the floor on his behind. He sits there screaming "Au-Dee" at her while she swings and giggles.... and sings. That's where she goes to practice singing the Veggie Tales theme song. lol

You know, you've just got to love two year olds!!!!

1 comment:

Octamom said...

I love her lonnngggg legs hanging out of the swing! Too cute!