Monday, September 29, 2008

Picture Taking

So Friday evening I had to re-dress all three little ones, so I thought it was a great opportunity to take a picture of all three of them together for Daddy. Hahahahahahahaha! WHAT was I thinking???

They NEVER sit still!!!

Butt - of course - I couldn't resist this one! lol They were watching Isaac play with the dog, Sweetheart, outside. That's WAY more interesting than Mommy and her camera.

Frances and Marguerite standing on the couch. They look SO solemn, don't they?

Here's Mr. Frankie after he became the bottom tier on the "dog pile". Frances piled right on top of him and he got the giggles!

I didn't get the most wonderful pictures of the threesome out of it, but we all had fun trying! There was lots and lots of jumping on the couch (Frankie's favorite pasttime), dog watching, and giggling. As well as lots of picture taking by Mommy. Daddy will have a new background for his computer while he's in China anyway. lol

+++++ And as a quick update, my c-section has been scheduled for 12/3 at 7:30 am. So looks like Little Robbie will be joining us soon. :)

Rob says I'm in "nesting mode" because I keep cooking these last couple of days. (Wait until he finds out that I baked a spice cake for dessert tonight.... lol) Honestly, I've felt so bad the last couple of months that I've only grudgingly cooked, so now that I feel better I WANT to cook. Sometimes I think he forgets I actually LIKE to do it. lol


BoufMom9 said...

oMGosh! LOVE these pics! Talk about capturing their personalities PERFECTLY! Just great :)

angie said...

Oh boy, your house must be so much fun.....but how you are doing it being pregnant is beyond me. You must have super power! :)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Such vibrant personalities - made me smile!

Cheryl Lage said...

What enchanting little people you have! Such infectious smiles. :)

Adorable! (and I'm happy to hear Robbie will be born on my birthday! :) It's always been a good one for me...know he'll like it!)

Deanna said...

Ok, seriously that picture of the 3 of them looking out the window is toooo cute!! All the shots are cute but I like that one the best!!

So it's all set in stone then...12/ exciting!!!