Sunday, September 21, 2008

Park Day

Yesterday we went to Desse's NJROTC picnic at the park around the corner. This is his third year in ROTC, and our third year to attend the picnic. It's a great get together for all the families. I didn't get pictures of him or his girlfriend, Alex, mostly because they hide from the camera. I did, however, find that I could get pictures of Frances, Frankie and Marshie playing on the playground.

They couldn't get away from the camera while trapped in the swings!! Boy they loved swinging -- the twins think it's fun to swing back to back, though they kept trying to see what the other was watching.

I only had about 25 people (literally) ask me, "Are they twins?" I read twin books while I was preggo that said I'd end up hating that question and I thought that was ridiculous, but you know.... grrrrr! lol I still don't know why that one question grates on my nerves so!

Frances likes to swing, but the following pictures show she found something she liked even better. I couldn't KEEP her at the swing set!

She kept telling us she wanted to play on the "pig". LOL I kept telling her it was a hippo, which she would repeat after me, but then ask to go play on the "pig" again. Silly girl!!

Lunch was nice. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, soda and water. The babies got their first taste of chocolate chip cookies. Frankie smeared his EVERYwhere, while Marshie sucked on hers a bit, then dropped it in the cup holder on the stroller (as Alex found as we were cleaning everyone up).

I finally got to meet Angel and Natalie as well. Angel is a senior, trying to complete high school with her 8 month old daughter in tow. I've so been there! We've given her baby clothes for Natalie, and as Marshie is growing out of the next size, I give those to her too. I'm very proud of her for continuing to go to school. She's such a sweet girl and so is her little one.

The ROTC teams performed amid many cheers and with few mistakes. The babies and I came home after a couple of hours, but Desse stayed until the party was over. All three of the little ones were so worn out they slept for 2 1/2 hours!! lol All in all I'd say everyone had fun.

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Octamom said...

Love the pics of your little ones! I get the 'are they twins' question a lot--7 of 8 is dark haired and green-eyed, while 8 of 8 is blond and blue-eyed. Sounds like your house is a busy happy place! I look forward to reading more about your adventures!!