Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twin Comedies

Today, like so many days, Frank and Marguerite kept me in stitches.

First they started fighting over a strand of brightly colored pony beads. It's a pretty secure strand, so I don't worry about it breaking. Marshie picked up the beads and started sucking on them. Frankie caught sight of them and very, very quickly crawled over to her. He reached out, grabbed the other end of the strand, and stuck it in his mouth. Marshie jerked it back, loudly squawking. He jerked it back, loudly protesting. It went back and forth for several moments until Frankie (with his end still in his mouth) grabbed Marshie's end and jerked it out of her hands. The hysterical part was the startled look on her face! You could almost see the words, "HOW DARE YOU!" written on her face. He gave her this look though, and she just looked up and me then crawled away.....

Later in the day ---

Frankie, still not feeling well, did not nap today, but Marguerite did. He was in his exersaucer playing (and watching Elmo's world with Frances) when Marshie awoke. Desse brought her out to her exersaucer next to Frank's. He gave her his, "What were you doing sleeping?" look, picked his half full bottle of his exersaucer, and chunked it at her head. Marshie, the future baseball catcher that she is, managed to smoothly catch the bottle and automatically put it in her mouth. Frankie's mouth fell open in this sort of "awe" while she sat in the saucer drinking his bottle.

This is of course in addition to their usual morning bout. Marshie wakes up first, and not wanting to be alone, stands in her bed and chunks her bottle at Frankie's head hoping to wake him up. And yes, it usually does. When he wakes, he tosses the bottle back into her bed, and adds his -- usually chunking it at her head in revenge! This morning, thankfully, they were happy with their fighting and many giggles came from the bedroom.

It's so cute the way the two of them go after each other now that they are in separate beds pushed up against one another. And it's adorable to watch their relationship as twins blossom these days. I wouldn't have it any other way.

A few pics of Frank and Marguerite ---

At the new office:

Another at the new office:

Frankie trying to climb into the rocking chair with his sister:

Frankie trying to get in, Marshie trying to get out, and GodMama Boo trying to help:

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Nicole said...

My goodness your family is beautiful!!