Sunday, May 18, 2008

First words and more twin comedy

Today Frankie said his first word, "DaDa." Both he and Marguerite have been experimenting with sounds (LOUDLY) for the last several weeks, but he was the first to use DaDa deliberately.

Rob was sitting on the couch reading and Frankie wanted his attention. He shouted, "DaDaDaDa" and got the attention he wanted. Still, he mostly clicks his tongue and tries out new sounds (aaaaahhhhh and eeeeeee are two of his favorites), but I did hear him say, "DaDaDaDa" again while watching his Daddy outside working. : ) I'm a proud Mama today.

Frankie found his older sister's LeapFrog laptop this week --- and fell in love!!

The little squirt really loves these wooden bead toys.

The kids were at the office with me this week, and on Friday I captured a few shots of them. They really played together nicely most of the day, and everything was fine until.....

....Frankie crawled under Marshie's feet!!

I also walked in on a fight one morning this week that was hysterical. I heard them clanking their bottles on the bedrails (sort of like the old westerns where the prisoners clank their tin cups on the cell bars), and I went to investigate. What I found was Frankie and Marguerite holding their bottles upside down and using them to "sword" fight. rotfl The clanking I heard was when they'd miss hitting the other bottle and clank into their crib railings. I couldn't help standing their laughing at them, even when they dropped their bottles and cried to be held.

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