Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DaDa's Motorcycle

Just for the record, Frances can say "daddy", but she prefers to call hers "DaDa". And Rob likes it better too!

So Monday we were waiting outside for Rob to arrive and his motorcycle was (and still is) parked on the front step. Crackers (one of our cats) was pawing around and sniffing around the cycle. Frances started yelling, "Cackers! Get Down!" and "Cackers! NO!!" Both of these comments were followed by her telling the cat, "DaDa's Motorcycle!" I kept snickering because the cat, being a cat, would just turn his head towards her and blink... very slowly. lol

Then later when Rob was leaving again, Frances told me, "DaDa Motorcycle." I told her, "No, DaDa's taking the truck, not the motorcycle." She promptly put her hands on her hips, stomped her little foot and told me, "DaDa taking motorcycle." Stupid me, I told her again, "No, DaDa's taking the truck." She stood there defiantly telling me, "DaDa taking motorcycle." Of course, being the adult in this situation, I strolled (heavily - ie almost stomping) over to the door and opened it. I pointed at the motorcycle and triumphantly said, "See, DaDa took the truck!"

Yes, I really am 37 years old, but there are days that I wonder about my sanity. I can't believe I was having this fight with my almost 2 year old. Rob, of course, finds this story of our very stubborn daughter totally hysterical!

Here are a couple of pictures of the little and her DaDa on his motorcycle:

There is one thing I need to say though, she is very terrified of the motorcycle when it's running. She doesn't like loud noises, and of course it is loud (as a good motorcycle should be, right?) I have no fear of her running up to him while he's riding. She tends to run for the front door and try to get inside. : )

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