Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. and Ms. Mischief

So this morning the babies were being TOO quiet while I dressed Frances. I went looking for them and what did I find???
Notice that Marshie is not in this photo. She took off as soon as she saw me! lol She knew they weren't supposed to be pulling all the shoes down off the shelves. (Yes, I have too many pairs of shoes for the babies, but I hate to get rid of the ones I had for Frances.... I keep them for Marshie to grow into. Plus ones given to me for Frankie.)

And here is Ms. Marguerite from last night. She kept stealing my brush!! Not like she has hair to use it on yet! *giggles* (As a matter of fact, she's running around with it again right now. She loves that thing.)

Frances, however, does have enough hair. The following two pictures (from this morning) are her first piggie tails! I just couldn't resist taking pictures. She is just too cute!!! (Yes, I'm biased. I'm allowed.)

I've been giving her "pony tails" (just one tail in a band) for a while, but there's finally enough to split into two. I admit, it's one of the things I've been dying to do with her hair. lol I was raised with four younger brothers, then raised two boys, so I have just been itching to get my hands on her hair and play!
And as for Mr. Mischief up there --- his Daddy was trying to take a nap earlier and Frankie was crawling all over him. Then he tried to put his fingers into the opening of Rob's polo and pull on his chest hairs. *snicker* I do feel for Rob, but I also find it quite funny. One day, Frankie's going to have little ones that pull on his chest hair though, and OOOOOHHHHHH will we remind him of these moments! lol

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