Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Been a While!

I haven't updated in a while, but only because everytime I would go to start writing (or even start composing what I wanted to write in my head) something disasterous seemed to happen. But so much has happened with the little ones lately, I just can't resist updating - I mean, a 2 year old birthday, two 1 year old birthdays, etc...... I need to do this more anyway! lol

Frank and Marguerite had their 1 year check-ups last week.

Marshie got a clean bill of health right up front. She's walking, trying hard to talk, eating really well, and is generally in a very good mood much of the time. Soooooo different from when she was born. She was the sickly twin - not eating well, crying all the time, not able to stomach much of anything (breastmilk or any formulas). We put her on Soy milk and she blossomed.

Her stats:
Weight: 23 lbs 2.3 ozs (95th percentile)
Height: 34 1/4 inches (95th percentile)
Head: 19 1/4 inches (95th percentile)
Current favorite food: Cherry flavored Gerber Stars
Current favorite toy: Daddy's bass amp (yes, she can turn it on and has figured out how to touch the end of the cord to make it "hum" lol)

Yes, she really DOES have a big head. She always gets it measured three times too. The nurse measures her, measures Frank's, then has to measure her again. Doc (or the nurse prac.) comes in and says that just CAN'T be right and measures it AGAIN. rotfl The child just has a really BIG head like her Daddy!! You'd think that they'd "get" that by now.

Frank we had a little more in depth chat about. He refuses to stand/walk. I know that's not a big deal at 12 months, but he favors his left leg -- not wanting to put pressure on it. He acts like it hurts, but I have noticed that as long as he's on something soft (ie: the bed or couch) he will jump up and down and try to stand. Anyways, they decided to x-ray his hips just to be certain there was nothing wrong there. And we got the results back today. Nothing to worry about! Yay!!! He also has allergies/asthma, so they put him on Singulair. Of course, he refuses to eat ANYthing that he can't pick up and put into his mouth himself, so I'm not so certain it's helping much. I've been forcing it into him with one spoonful of food, but he spits so much back at me. *sigh* Stubborn child!!!

His stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 9.6 ozs (25th percentile)
Height: 33 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 18 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Current favorite food: Cheerios - dry
Current favorite toy: Daddy's practice juggling ball

Frankie has always been smaller than Marshie, but his weight seems to keep sliding. I don't exactly know why, but the Doc doesn't seem bothered by it at the moment. Desse was like that (couldn't gain weight the first year), but they figured out he had asthma and started treating it and BOOM - that child blossomed! He was downright chunky until about the time he started Kindergarten.

Here's a little video of Mr. Frank from yesterday. He was playing with his Daddy's practice juggling ball. The child is such a nut! (Yes it's very short.)

I also have one other video to share. Frankie and Frances from last week. He's been trying to imitate her when she's making noises. This one is a little longer. lol

Both of the twins adore Frances. Marshie follows her around, but Frankie has started saying "Au-Dee" - His version of Audrey, which is what Frances calls herself most of the time. It's really cute! She really hates it when they start crawling all over her though. That just ticks her off.

She's a really good big sister. She loves fetching things for the twins, like bottles and diapers, and lately she's started telling me when one of them needs a "Diapoo" (diaper) change -- whether they really do or not! lol Frances also tried to have little kittens when the nice nurse was giving HER babies their shots at their check-up. She kept telling Holly to "stop!" Then she tried to rub Marshie's back to soothe her. It was just so sweet.

And just so she's not left out, here's her little picture. lol


BoufMom9 said...

I wonder if your little guy could have sensory issues? My son Will has major sensory issues and although it took him FOREVER to walk on the solid floor, he was plenty happy to walk on the couch.
Just a thought as lots of preemies have sensory issues... although I am just guessing yours were preemies... I will have to read further to see :)

Gail said...

It's very possible. They weren't preemies (I carried them to 37 1/2 weeks), but he LOVES to test fabrics, choosing his favorites for his blankies, and he gripes about having to sit too long in one place (like the car seat or high chair). I put little shoes on Frankie which have a pretty cushion-y sole, and he is now at least holding on to things and cruising around. He does NOT like the shoes though. lol

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to do some research I see. :)