Sunday, August 31, 2008

Foot Report

So the foot that Frances stuck the earring in is looking really good, but she had something in the heel of her other foot that I've been worried about for a little over a week. I've soaked it (well... her) in Epsom salt at least three times this week, hoping it would get better, but Friday she really started complaining it hurt. Nothing had come out, or even to the surface, after the soakings, and I hadn't found anything when I probed at it, so I called the Doc. They agreed to see her yesterday morning at 9am.

It took three people (Carol, the PA seeing her, Holly, the nurse, and Rob) to hold her down, but finally Carol managed to get a huge log (er.... splinter) out of that foot. Poor baby!!! She feels SO much better now! And surprisingly, there was no infection. It was just working its way further and further into her foot.

Of course, I feel silly taking her to the doc for something as trivial as a splinter. I'm her Mom, I should have been able to get that out myself. (Guilt sucks! lol)

Here's a few pics of her from yesterday morning before we left.

And of course in the super girl cape that Bubba Desse brought for her... :)

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