Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've been away for a while, but I realize I need to do this blog -- for me and for my little ones. : )

Frances turned 3 on Sunday (the 14th). On Wednesday she had her 3 year check up and Robby had his 6 month. Both got shots. ICK! Info below their pictures.

Frances Audrey
3 years
Weight - 33.5 pounds
Height - 38 inches
Nicknames - FancyPants,Franny-girl,
Princess, & Cutie Pie
Interests - Playing dress up, playing
in her new kitchen (she loves cooking for
all of us and then washing up), playdoh,
helping care for Baby Robby,
and saying the funniest things

6 months
Weight - 17lbs 10.8oz
Height - 24 1/2 inches
Nicknames - Little Guy, Microchip, Buddy,
and recently dubbed by Godmama Boo
"Hooch" (think drooly)
Interests - cooing, drooling, crying,
rocking back and forth on hands & knees,
learning to eat, taking his bottle,
(and up-chucking said formula),
and the dragon (alligator???) toy
Ms. Elise gave him for Christmas

Both kiddos got a clean bill of health. Frances is tall, but well proportioned. She was so good.... she didn't cry when they gave her the shot. Of course, that was because the nurse had promised her a trip to the "toy treasure chest". She decided on a Thomas the tank engine sticker and a lollipop. Normally I don't let her have candy, but getting a shot changed my mind.

Robby is finally getting back into his growth curve. He was 75th in weight and 80th in height. His reflux is still causing him to vomit his formula at times and he spits up after every meal. He's finally taking baby food too, though I had to skip step 1 - it was too thin and he hated it. lol (I really need to learn to make my own baby food. It would be better for him I think.)

Dr. K also told me not to interfere too much with interactions between Robby and Frankie - unless Robby's getting hurt. lol That's what I've been doing, but it was nice to hear that. I want them to grow up close, and for that to happen they have to work out their places -- between themselves. Frankie will be closer to Marshie, no doubt, but that's a twin thing.


Octamom said...

So glad they are doing well and thriving! Such sweet pics!


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Has it been this long? I can't believe that Robby is 6 months old! He's GOEGEOUS! wow!

Glad you are back to blogging :)