Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frances Funnies

I think this may become a regular blog post for me. She comes up with the funniest things!

Today -

Frances: Look! Look! Mama, that car tripped. (She was pointing to a car hooked to a tow truck - on the freeway. The front tire and fender were hopeless bent in.)
Mama: Oh really?
Frances: Yep, look, look, it tripped and hurt itself. See the boo boo? Look! LOOK!!
And of course I was giggling by then!

Then we get home and she says: Mama! Look, there's a crab on my slide!
Me: (thinking it's a bee or spider): Hey, don't go near it. It's not a crab.
(As I'm walking towards the slide) F: Yes it IS a crab! You can see his claws!!!
OK - upon further inspection I realized it was just a cicada, but she's still insisting it was a crab. lol

The following picture probably only makes sense to those of you with BIG families and more than one toddler. I think we managed to get a pretty good picture of the four of them together -- after about 25 or so shots (each) and TWO cameras.

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Cheryl Lage said...

The things that come out of their mouths are SOO worth documenting.

Thank goodness for blogging, eh?

Hope you are well!