Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pet Names

I was talking to a prospective babysitter yesterday and we started talking about the kids nicknames.

Marguerite started it. Frances called her "Marshie". She's always called her Marshie. That's the nickname Frances gave her about this time 2 years ago. Though Frances also briefly called her "roary" (happens when a baby cries ALL the time) Marshie also has other nicknames: Marsh (without the ie) from Frances, Marsha from her daycare teacher, Ree Ree from Frankie (though now he calls her "Mar-GA-REEEEET!" Yes, with the exclamation point at the end every time lol), and of course I call her Marshie LuLu (why I don't really know lol I just think it's cute) or Lulu or ReeReet. And of course, the inevitable, Marguerite Elizabeth! Yeah, she's figured out she's in trouble when she gets that one.

Frank only has one real nickname: Frankie. I do call him other things like PotatoHead, Mr. Powerhouse, Bud (Bud Lite is what his father started call him, but I just can't go there lol), Loudmouth...No, I'm kidding! Though he is. And, as with all boys, there's a few other things that I can't think of right now.

Grandma nicknamed Frances "Francy" when she moved down here, but Frances really hates it. lol Her name is "Frances Audrey" thank-you-very-much! And she's the one that started that. She really prefers to be called by both names. When I really want to tease/irritate her (Hey, I'm her Mama, I can get away with that!) I call her "FrancyPants". Talk about being pissed at me! She's also: Little Miss Thang, Herself (given to her by her God-Mama Boo), Miss Princess, Sissy Frances or Francesss (drawn out like Princess - which is how Frankie pronounces her name all the time).

Robby of course gets called RobbyBobby (which his Daddy started) or my new favorite for him is Mr. Poopy. (which is always accompanied by PoopyPoopyPOOPY - Yes, I do put poopy in there four times. Hey.... you try staying around him for very long when he's filling a diaper and you'll see!) He's also Mr. Droolyface or Drooly for short, Fang (now that I can't get away with "Toothless Wonder" anymore), Little Guy, Little Bud (another of his Daddy's names for him... I call him Little Buddy when I use that one lol), and a few other assorted pet names.

I suppose it's just "My Thing". Even Desse and Steven have been subjected to some nicknames over the years.

My ex didn't want Desse having the middle initial J because he'd be called DJ. So, I purposely steered everyone away from that -- though I came home from work one day to him telling a 19 month old Steven, "DJ. Can you say DJ?" lol And yes, he was DJ until pre-k. Then he asserted that his name is DESSE. Don't call him anything else. My nieces called him BJ though -- and still do. They're 11 and 13 now. lol We're still not certain about that one.

Steven just got stuck with Stevie (my sister) and that of course lead to SteviePooh which he hated more and STILL HATES to this day. Yeah, I know all the buttons to push. That's a Mama for you.

A couple of my brothers got in on the act too. I nicknamed one "Bit" and another "Shauny". My sister is and always has been "Sissy". Yep, I guess it's just me!

I don't really know why I was thinking about this again today, but I thought I'd write it down and think about it again some more later. Just a little food for thought ----

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Cheryl Lage said...

Think it is WONDEFUL you took the time to document all the nicknames and tales surrounding them! Certainly many you'd remember, but this will ensure it!

Love this post. (We have a Darren Jacob...who's often "D" "Dare" or "Darren Jake" but not DJ...don't know how we've not had that happen!)